Monday 15 July 2013

Fun In The Sun...

There is some amazing Architecture here - this house has the swimming pool at the front (where the "lighthouse" tower is.  The house itself has grass growing on the roof, 
with the main gutter "sliding" down the side, being a feature

This property is on a privately owned island.  

 This boat, tied at the jetty must go like....  It has 4 x 350hp motors!

There was Hobbie Cat racing scheduled for Sunday at Le Phare Bleu.

With Brett and Teresa, we went to see if we could test their Hobbie Cats.
Brett and Richard were competing individually on Sunday, so they went for a test spin on Saturday.

 When registration came about, the question was asked "why don't Teresa and You compete".  
Never having sailed a Hobbie  before, we said "Why Not"

So we registered as a team.  Here we are - Teresa on the Helm and Me on the Sheets

 We could not believe it when we won our first race! and we got to race again.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Spice Island...

Last week was our 14th wedding anniversary.  
We went to "Dodgy Dock" for dinner and they gave us this card.  
It says:  2 Hearts, 2 Minds, In Time did Find - 1 Love, One Aim, 2 Paths the same.

Time flies... we have been together 18 years now and what a awesome journey we are having!

We went to a "cooking class".  These ladies have an awesome sense of humour - 
We were sipping Rum Punch listening to their banter, then finished by tasting all the food.

Now we know why Grenada is called "The Spice Island".  
They grow Cashew Nuts,

Among many other things they grow Turmeric, Bay, Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg - these photos are just a sample of the huge industry Nutmeg and Mace is...  

 Hurricane Ivan in 2004 devastated 90% of the Nutmeg Trees
(as was 90% of the roofs of the buildings here destroyed) 

They also grow Cocoa here - at the processing plant this was the sign on the door

You can also still see the feeling of the people after the invasion from the Americans in 1983

 This beautiful coloured tree is a Eucalyptus

 They have three "legal" Rum distilleries on the island.  This one is the oldest, dating back to 1786.  It is still run in much the same way, using a water wheel

The Sugar cane moves up this conveyor
  and the "husks" from the sugar cane is then sent on this rail trolley
  to be used for burning to heat the sugarcane
 The distilling process is then in these large chambers.
I again went to the Readers Programme - it was the last day for 2 months as the children now are on summer holidays.  It is amazing seeing the interaction of the kids here, the elder ones look after the younger ones - they are amazingly polite

Monday 1 July 2013

Fishermans Birthday... AND Naniki Jazz...

The annual fishermans birthday is held over an hour away.  
18 of us,two van loads were collected at 17.30 and off we went.

It a huge street party, with lots of really loud music, lots of rum and lots of fun!  The Grenadians sure know how to party... (we were Liming again!)

 Yes, it is Theresa and Jen after the odd Rum or two!

We had a great night with Theresa and Brett.

Sunday Evening was the Naniki Jazz Safari.  Held at Mt Cinnamon Resort.
It was a lovely location, we had cocktails at a "Beach Bar" first.
The music was held on the grounds of the resort.
Sipping Rum (yet again) and eating Ribs, Chicken and Tuna Kebabs while listening to the sounds.