Thursday 24 October 2013

Still In Grenada...

Doing provisioning is always interesting!... Usually it entails catching a local bus (van that holds as many people as possible, they stop anywhere to collect you as you are walking down the road).  However, we had "big" provisioning to do, so along with Ian & Wendy and Brett & Teresa and Mark, we hired a van.  Brett and Teresa are expecting guests, so their provisioning was pretty big.  We would load the van, then head back to the dinghy dock, unload to the dinghy, then the boats and do it all over again.  Brett had only just left the dinghy dock and his outboard stopped.  There was that much onboard, that the fuel line had been disrupted... so we towed him back

Some of the sunsets are gorgeous

While having lunch yesterday, we looked out and saw a yacht come around the point and it appeared to have a sail problem.  We kept an eye on it, and found that they had gone straight onto the reef.  We called Mark (Sea Life) who along with Coastguard came out to help.  Fortunately the yacht was pulled off the reef, without serious damage.

Thursday 10 October 2013


I forgot to add in our last update - last Saturday we went on our first Hash...  and to our naughty minded friends, no it is not what you think!

We were collected by "Shademan" in his van.  The van is a bit of a beaten up Toyota (or similar)... you know the kind.  Well, what we didnt realise, was that you can fit 18 people and 2 dogs in one.  We now know what "canned people" look like.

We ended up at the highest point in Grenada, where we were dropped off.  There was probably 100 or so people there.  We then "hashed" for the next hour or so, ending with well deserved cold beers at the end.

Hashing is Cross Country Harriers.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Tobago and Beyond

After Jono left, we headed made our way Castara Bay and caught up with Porridge and Janelle (  They showed us around their beautiful Retreat and then we had a lovely night of drinks and dinner with them and 4 of their guests.  We then invited them all out on Our Rose the next day, along with Shaq - Porridge and Janelles son.

We headed to another bay and they snorkelled - I had baked early in the morning, so had Homemade Pie, Salad and Muffins for lunch.  We had a lovely day with them all.

Heading up to Charlotteville we were joined again by pods of dolphins 
(no matter how often we see them, they are still a wonder and soooo beautiful!)

We cleared out of Charlotteville on Wednesday, and left for Grenada at 5pm, sailing overnight and arriving in Grenada at 9am the next morning.

Yesterday, we finally had our "Chafe Guard" installed.  This is a fitting that was sent by Southern Spars in South Africa, which will sort out of Main Halyard chaffing.

We are so grateful to Brett and Teresa (Seismic Wave), Mark (Sea Life) and Jonathan (Chez Nous) who helped us.  We had a matter of inches to spare each side of Our Rose.  Richard did an awesome job helming us in and not a scratch was had!