Thursday 24 October 2013

Still In Grenada...

Doing provisioning is always interesting!... Usually it entails catching a local bus (van that holds as many people as possible, they stop anywhere to collect you as you are walking down the road).  However, we had "big" provisioning to do, so along with Ian & Wendy and Brett & Teresa and Mark, we hired a van.  Brett and Teresa are expecting guests, so their provisioning was pretty big.  We would load the van, then head back to the dinghy dock, unload to the dinghy, then the boats and do it all over again.  Brett had only just left the dinghy dock and his outboard stopped.  There was that much onboard, that the fuel line had been disrupted... so we towed him back

Some of the sunsets are gorgeous

While having lunch yesterday, we looked out and saw a yacht come around the point and it appeared to have a sail problem.  We kept an eye on it, and found that they had gone straight onto the reef.  We called Mark (Sea Life) who along with Coastguard came out to help.  Fortunately the yacht was pulled off the reef, without serious damage.

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