Monday 23 June 2014

New York, New York, New York...

4 days and 4 nights at sea - enjoying the help of the Gulf Stream when we could,
we had some fog, and a fantastic "Electrical Storm" one evening, 
however it was a lovely trip around Cape Hatteras, 
finally arriving at Horseshoe Bay, Sandy Hook.

A couple of days at anchor awaiting a weather system to go through,
which enabled us to catch up on cleaning and paperwork.

Before heading into New York/New Jersey, we anchored overnight at Gravesend Bay 
then the next morning we motored toward our marina.

We had rather large company coming under the bridge...

which makes you wonder if you will fit when you look up and see this...

 The views were "amazing" to say the least...

The amount of people the boats pack on for the tours is unbelievable...

Coming past the Statue of Liberty was beyond words!

We arrived at Lincoln Harbour Marina, which is on the New Jersey side.
Our location is fantastic, we are a 5 minute walk to the ferry and a 10 minute ferry ride to New York…
There are then "free" buses that take us to either Downtown, Midtown or Uptown.

Our first day we went to Broadway and Times Square (AMAZING)
We walked some of Central Park

then went to "Frick" Manor/Museum/Gallery… Carmines Italian Restaurant for a late lunch

On our way to our first show, we were held up by police barricades everywhere.  The streets were closed.  We soon found out why - it was the "Presidential" Motorcade - NYPD were out in force while President Obama went by.

Our first show that evening was "Rock Of Ages" - a tribute to 80's Rock
an amazing energy and fun show - it had it all, music, comedy, sex…

Broadway at night is incredible - Times Square, Lights & Neons, "millions" of people walking everywhere - what a sight!

Well, rather than itemise each day, I will summarise…

We saw another 3 shows on Broadway...Jersey Boys, Kinky Boots and Once.
We went to Diana Ross Live at Madison Square Gardens.
We walked "Highline" a disused Tramline, which has been made into a planted walkway.
We went up the Empire State Building.
We went to Noho, Soho and Greenwich Village.
We went to Saturday Union Square Farmers Markets.
Had lobster at Centro Vasco Spanish Restaurant.
We went to 9/11 Memorial Site
We went to Wall Street and Southside.

We met up with Sue and Lydia (and Lydias husband Steve & daughter Guilia)
These ladies Richard had met 33 years ago when he was on his OE
They now live/work in New York - 
we had a lovely evening with them at the "trendy" Standard Hotel Bar and Restaurant
Steve, Richard, Lydia, Jen, Sue, Guilia
The following photos are from the week...

How is this for a "National Debt!"

Evening view from out of the cockpit of Our Rose

Highline Walkway
View from Highline
View from Highline

View from Empire State Building
View from Empire State Building

View from Empire State Building
View from Empire State Building

Largest Hershey Bar in the World...

At Union Square Farmers Market

9/11 Memorial Site

9/11 Memorial Site

9/11 Memorial Site

The New "Freedom Tower"

We even found a Kiwi Bar

West Palm Beach and Charleston...

Leaving Ft Lauderdale, we motor sailed up the coast to West Palm Beach
where we met up with Daryl and Annie (No Rehearsal) for dinner.

Saturday they have the most amazing "Organic" Markets,
we loaded up on fresh goodies.

We had a wonderful look around (unfortunately no photos except this one of an ice-cream parlour), 

then two days later we left early in the morning.
Heading out were huge seas, which continued most of the morning well into the afternoon.
22 1/2 hours later we arrived at Charleston.

Charleston is a gorgeous historic city.
We took a Horse Drawn Tour, 

then lunched at Magnolias (lovely food and good value).

We then headed to a Vivaldi "4 Seasons" concert put on by a group from Spaleto (Italy) at a Church

 In the evening there was un "unexpected" fireworks display - 
it was very close to No Rehearsal and Our Rose - amazing...