Monday 29 October 2012

"Our Rose" Three Weeks (?) to Launch

Today we were back at the factory.  We managed to get some photos of the progress, so here they are...

Behind Rudi is the new storage locker that has been created from having the extended Transom.  The area beside Rudis right leg is where one of the engines go (the other hull is the same for the other engine and storage locker).  The photo on the right is the start of the wiring and area for the "Nav Station".

These photos above are of the port hull guest cabin and head, though it doesn't show the toilet and the shower.  I was unable to get a decent phont of the port forward cabin

These photos are the Starboard Hull, our Cabin, leading through to our office area, then through to the Head.  The light is actually in the "bath/shower" as it is in the midst of being worked on (as is all the boat!)  It also doesn't show the toilet, which is yet to be installed

As we were about to drive away from the factory, we noticed that the bench-top guys vehicle was there, so we raced back in.  The left photo above we took about 30 minutes before the right photo.  The  right photo is the Corian bench tops being fitted.

Sunday 28 October 2012


Yesterday, another spectacular day - we went to Kirstenbosch Gardens.  We will let the pictures tell the story of the gardens, the sculptures and the restaurant...

Giant Protea!

Table Mountain

A beautiful day greeted us on Wednesday, so we decided it was "The Day" to go up Table Mountain.  The Mountain is approximately 260-million years old, by comparison, the Andes are about 250-million years old, the Rockies are about 60-million years old.  Apparently prehistoric people first left evidence of their lives on Table Mountain more than 600,000 years ago...

Look closely at the Rock Climbers - Mad!
the climbers are about 3/4 of the way up

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Swartland Wines and Olives, Cape of Good Hope and...

Two weekends ago we went to the Wine and Olive Festival which was held by Vineyards from the Swartland Area, we tasted lots of lovely wine - we still cannot get over the price of wine here - it is so very cheap - a bottle purchased at this festival was the equivalent of between $3 and $12NZD!  There was a "Steel Drum" Band, the sound that came from these was amazing!

There was lots of food from spit roast to cupcakes!  We met a couple of lovely people there who gave us lots of recommendations of places to go and check out...

One of these places was Steenberg Estate Vineyard and Restaurant, so we went there for lunch.  
They have in their bar area this amazing display

During the week it was boat decisions, then Friday was the Cape Town Boat Show.  

Saturday we headed off to the Cape of Good Hope

On the way back we stopped and there right beside us were two "Right Whales"! 
 The wash breaking here is the back of one of the Right Whales
On this photo you can see the fin
On this photo you can see the tail

Then this week we were back in the classroom.  We both completed our "Medical at Sea" course.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Cape Town

Decisions made for "Our Rose" since we arrived in South Africa - Electronics and Instruments, LED TV's, Blue Ray DVD, Bosch Dishwasher, Air Conditioning, Placement of lights and power points, type and placement of speakers throughout, Sails, Customised Stainless work e.g.; dive ladder and dive bottle holders... the list goes on.

We are also thrilled for Rudi and Deslynn that "Maverick" catamaran has just been nominated and is one of the finalists for "Boat of the Year" at the Annapolis Boat Show...

Last weekend at Muizenberg Beach the Guinness World Record for the "most" surfers riding the same wave was attempted.

More than 300 surfers of every age and ability paddled out hoping to break the record which was set in 2009 with 110 surfers.  Unfortunately after an hour and seven attempts the best tally for the day was 84.

There are the most wonderful "Markets".  They are on evenings Wednesday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday.  They have lots of delicious food and wine that you can buy by the glass or bottle.  There are tables in the middle that you can sit at and enjoy your food and wine, while listening to music.

We went to one at Hout Bay which was huge.  There was a man doing pencil portraits...

The Scenery here is absolutely spectacular!