Monday 29 October 2012

"Our Rose" Three Weeks (?) to Launch

Today we were back at the factory.  We managed to get some photos of the progress, so here they are...

Behind Rudi is the new storage locker that has been created from having the extended Transom.  The area beside Rudis right leg is where one of the engines go (the other hull is the same for the other engine and storage locker).  The photo on the right is the start of the wiring and area for the "Nav Station".

These photos above are of the port hull guest cabin and head, though it doesn't show the toilet and the shower.  I was unable to get a decent phont of the port forward cabin

These photos are the Starboard Hull, our Cabin, leading through to our office area, then through to the Head.  The light is actually in the "bath/shower" as it is in the midst of being worked on (as is all the boat!)  It also doesn't show the toilet, which is yet to be installed

As we were about to drive away from the factory, we noticed that the bench-top guys vehicle was there, so we raced back in.  The left photo above we took about 30 minutes before the right photo.  The  right photo is the Corian bench tops being fitted.

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