Saturday 6 October 2012

Cape Town

Decisions made for "Our Rose" since we arrived in South Africa - Electronics and Instruments, LED TV's, Blue Ray DVD, Bosch Dishwasher, Air Conditioning, Placement of lights and power points, type and placement of speakers throughout, Sails, Customised Stainless work e.g.; dive ladder and dive bottle holders... the list goes on.

We are also thrilled for Rudi and Deslynn that "Maverick" catamaran has just been nominated and is one of the finalists for "Boat of the Year" at the Annapolis Boat Show...

Last weekend at Muizenberg Beach the Guinness World Record for the "most" surfers riding the same wave was attempted.

More than 300 surfers of every age and ability paddled out hoping to break the record which was set in 2009 with 110 surfers.  Unfortunately after an hour and seven attempts the best tally for the day was 84.

There are the most wonderful "Markets".  They are on evenings Wednesday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday.  They have lots of delicious food and wine that you can buy by the glass or bottle.  There are tables in the middle that you can sit at and enjoy your food and wine, while listening to music.

We went to one at Hout Bay which was huge.  There was a man doing pencil portraits...

The Scenery here is absolutely spectacular!

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  1. Just read your blog - looks like lots of fun! Thank you for the phone call,