Saturday 22 September 2012

"Our Rose" - Our Beautiful Boat

We flew Auckland, Melbourne to Perth.  We had a night and a full day in Perth - the lovely "spring flowers" in the botanical gardens, Freemantle and a great catch-up with Chris (our friend from skiing in Furano - Japan).

We arrived in Cape Town (via Johannesburg) Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday we organised our car, sim for the phone, groceries and wine (of course) and then we were in action to get to Rudi and Deslynn to see "Our Rose"

... she is soooooo beautiful and so "big"

The "green" (though you might like it?????) is not the final color... though Rudi with his great sense of humor suggested we may like it!

The "transom" is yet to be added, which will then see "Our Rose" just on 44 feet long.

1 comment:

  1. We miss you already! The boat looks amazing!
    How is SA? xxxx Juliet and David