Tuesday 6 November 2012


Coming to South Africa we had to go on Safari!... and we felt we were running out of time.  When "Our Rose" goes in the water, we will not want to leave her.

So, we researched and decided to go to Kuzuko Private Game Reserve ... words simply do not describe the wonderful experience we had there.  The appreciation we were given to these extraordinary animals in their natural environment was breath-taking and really quite humbling.  How, as human beings we have managed to nearly wipe-out so many of these extraordinary creatures is beyond our comprehension!  Again, we will let the photos tell a little of the story.

There were about 18 elephant here - isn't the little one gorgeous!

Cheetha's having Kudu for dinner!

These guys are beyond beautiful!
HOW could these be killed for their horns??????  Seeing this beautiful Rhino was beyond words!  We felt so blessed!

This Buffalo was very friendly - he came right up to the truck

Baby Jackal
He and She Ostrich

Just to name some of the beautiful animals we had the privilege of seeing were:  Rhino, Elephants, Lions, Wilderbeest, Heartebeest, Eland, Baboons, Monkeys, Springbok, Ostrich, Zebra, Guinea Fowl, Kudu, Cheetah, Buffalo, Jackal and lots more!

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