Wednesday 4 April 2012

Along came Marlene, Johan, Joe and Marco....

We had asked Rudi and Deslynn - if we could have the contact of the people they had built boats for... he sent us all of them.  What a wonderful amount of people - they ALL responded to our emails and were very happy to share about their boats.  What a wonderful help they have all been - we have to mention Paul Rackshaw - whose blogs were so valuable to us and of course sailing on his boat in South Africa, Peter Windsor - the first to buy a Maverick and bring her to New Zealand and Marlene, Johan, Joe and Marco - who are sailing the world on their Maverick, fulfilling their dreams...

Well it was Marlene, Johan, Joe and Marco who dry-stored their boat in Trinidad and sailed Peters boat to New Zealand... when we all met, we felt like we had known them for a long time.  They stayed in our home (which was on the market and had been for 6 months).  As a thank you, Joe (19 years old) decided to put together a website for our home -  What an amazing thing to do for us.  We loved our brief time together with them all.

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