Thursday 17 May 2012

Richards Birthday...

Yesterday was Richards birthday - we were supposed to be sailing, but no wind... so we had a day of theory on Charts.  I had organised a surprise night away, so we went to the Cape Panwa Resort for the night with dinner in the Cape Panwa Homestead

 - all the staff came out singing Happy Birthday with a cake for Richard!

Today I took him to get his birthday present - a Harmonica is his chosen instrument - its small enough to learn on the boat - then I had organised (again as a surprise) a full afternoon cooking course at The Blue Elephant.  We were so very lucky - the Chef who usually does the classes was away, so we had the Head Chef Of Blue Elephant and just the two of us - we cooked Kaeng Phed Ped Yaang (Red Curry with Roast Duck), Plaa Phaow Samoon Prai (Grilled Fish with Herbs), Nan Jim Plaa Phaow Samoonprai (Chilli Sauce for Grilled Fish), Laab Kai (Spicy Chicken Salad), Tom Klong Koong (Spicy & Sour Prawn Soup) and Kao Niew Ma Muang (Mango and Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice).

Back to school again in the morning - hopefully with enough wind to sail!


  1. oolala !!! Happy Birthday Richard and well done Jenn - we hope to taste some of that dishes soon ... Rgds Catlyn Crew

  2. Happy belated birthday Richard. And what a lovely present Jen. I'm sure you will both get much pleasure from cooking class and instrument on your cruise.

  3. Best Birthday present ever!! Lucky guy! Belated happy birthday Richard!