Tuesday 12 February 2013

Our Rose - Journey to the Water...

Thursday 31 January we were at the factory when the truck turned up for Our Rose, ready for her journey very early the next morning to the water...  You can imagine our speechlessness when we received the phone call from the Royal Cape Yacht Club - the crane had broken and we would not be launching Friday.

Monday morning, we got up at 2am and drove down to Cape Town, and followed Our Rose from the factory to the Port - "What an Emotional Experience!"

We waited for everyone to arrive, to find that the crane had not passed the tests and we would not be launching that day - back up to our course (Ocean Yachtmaster Coastal).  So, the next morning we were up early again and back to Cape Town - we had decided to hire another crane and launch at a different location.  Then the wind blew - up to 45km.  We couldn't believe it - however after a very tense wait, the wind dropped long enough for Our Rose to be lifted in...

We motored around for an hour, while they launched another two boats, then went back in for our mast

 An old tradition when a mast is stepped is that you place a coin underneath it.  We placed under the mast 2 coins.  A New Zealand coin and a South African coin, which had been given to us by Luca and Gia, the children of Adrian and Hayley Atlantic Sailing.  They had presented us the coin one morning, in a lovely bag with hearts on it - they were just gorgeous!  We then motored Our Rose to her 1st berth, where we left her to be commissioned knowing we were moving onto her by the end of the weekend.

These seals are right beside our boat

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  1. I have really seen the improvement and I see how well Our Rose is coming along and is already looking super Fantstic! In the short time of getting to know the both of you, Richard and Jen, I have seen how well the both of you work together as a team and as a couple and I really do admire the both of you! I am sending the very best of wishes on the both of you for fullfilling your dreams and heading on your ways to travel the world!
    I'm also sending my wishes to the both of you from my side and from the Aclantic Yachting team!

    Kind Regards!