Monday 8 May 2017

Back to Oz...

It was the longest we had ever been away from Our Rose,
We left her on a swing mooring with Cammaray Marina (
We would highly recommend!  Kelvin went to Our Rose each week and checked her 
inside and out, checking the bilges, watermaker and battery levels - what a huge peace of mind for us!
also dropping us ashore and collecting us on our return 

Near us, Coast Guard were doing Helicopter exercises - fascinating to watch!

We headed back to Rozelle Bay, a very calm anchorage right in Sydney Harbour
which has a dinghy dock, making reprovisioning easier
Sunrise here was lovely...

After a rather busy week and first weekend back,
we decided to head off and see the gorgeous Japanese Gardens...

Just two weeks after arriving back in Sydney, we were off to the airport to meet Jono
We were so thrilled to have Jono with us for a month
First night enjoying a dram with his Dad

we went to some lovely anchorages with Jono


Disgustingly large jellyfish...

Tramping to waterfalls...

Watching the squalls coming across to us in Pittwater...

This awesome sculpture was at Soldiers Point Marina where we fueled up

It was wonderful to have Jono with us, and see him strong and confident again
and ready for his next adventures in Asia.

We first met Tracey, Scott, Will and Molly (S/Y Yollata) in Guatemala... 
they are now based in Canberra (a lot of water under the keels for both of us since first meeting!)
It was so awesome they drove up to visit  and have lunch with us on Our Rose
while we were in Pittwater

Getting weather windows to head north has been interesting!
However, arriving back in the Gold Coast was a lovely day

Anchored off Boatworks, a beautiful calm morning
with us in the foreground, and a sister Maverick, Island Home, just behind us

When arriving initially in Bundeburg we met Irene and Jim (MV William J)
They live beside the water in Southern Moreton Bay.  
They so kindly invited us to join them for lunch - what a lovely day we had.
Jim had been out Prawning, so we had a lovely Prawn entree and BBQ lunch

When we were home, we did not have enough time to see everyone!
We only managed a couple of hours with Anne and Neil, 
so we were thrilled when they decided to come visit us on Our Rose.
We had them join us in the Gold Coast, then made our way up Moreton Bay...

Managed to get them to the wrecks at Tangalooma,

a gorgeous day for a snorkel...

unfortunately the visibility wasnt too good, but they still had fun.
These photos (which I only just found) are from our first stop here...

We then anchored off the Sand Hills for the night, going for an awesome walk in the morning
The views incredible!

how can this tree grow - sand, sand and more sand...

We partied

We wined and dined having a fantastic final seafood feast together...

Thank you Anne and Neil for coming over - we are very blessed to have such good friends.

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  1. Love reading your blog! So amazing! Miss you two....connie & Jim s/v PLane to Sea