Tuesday 24 July 2012

A Relaxing Break on the Islands...

I am so proud of Richard - he has just completed his Dive Master and 7 Specialites, so before the IDC (Instructor Development Course) begins we decided to have two nights away on one of the Islands - Koh Yao.  On the way out we saw Fishing Trawlers (there are way too many of these working the waters here!)

Koh Yao Resort is a very small resort, French owned.  The Island has only about 2000 residents.  The people are very friendly.  We had the most relaxing time, swimming in the pool, reading, of course our favorite pass-time here - eating!  The food was beautiful, all the seafood came from the local fishermen. We hired a double kayak and paddled to a nearby island

We went for a swim out there, the water temperature was a bit cooler at 29C.  Richards diving has been mainly around 29C to 31C.  There was a lovely swing that other visitors had made...

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  1. Well done Richard!!! Koh Yao looks amazing!. Enjoy the warmth before coming back. Miss you xxx