Wednesday 18 July 2012

Diving, Diving, Wedding Anniversary and...

Since the last post time has absolutely flown by - We had Martin and Julie come and stay with us.  We had our 13th Wedding Anniversary and of course Richard has been diving, diving, diving.  By the end of this week he will have completed 7 specialty dives (to instructor level) and Dive Master.  He has now over 60 dives since he started his course here!
Other than being Richards full time Chauffeur, and Hostess and Chauffeur for our guests, I have also taken up Ashtanga Yoga - I am absolutely loving it!  I have also just completed a 3 day Thai Massage course - and the answer is no - I am "not" available to massage.  Richard will be a lucky boy at some stage!

Here are some shots from Richards diving...


  1. Awesome photo's!
    Sounds like you are still having a great time!
    Love Juliet

  2. Jen....what a wonderful life! Thanx for sharing....

  3. What amazing photos!! Thanks for sharing, reminds me just how good it is in Phuket! Ash and Graeme

  4. Fantastic photos. Richard Ruby will be ready for her lessons in about 15 years (or much longer if Mum has any say) Looking forward to the shots from around the world... all the places I would love to see you can show us!! Tracey