Tuesday 21 May 2013

Fernando de Noronha to Tobago...

Sunday 28th April we cleared out – the reverse of clearing in – they again all came to us to the office at the top of the pier.  At 1100 we motored away – very light winds, so we sailed/motored for the first few days, counting down to the Equator.

Wednesday 1 May, we crossed the Equator – celebrated with masks and hats (Mark gave us) a bottle of champagne (Marks girlfriend Tracy had given us) which was a real treat as we have a “dry” boat when we are at sea.   We switched charts from South Atlantic to North Atlantic Ocean.

Clocks back another hour.

Sunday 05/05 – lots of rain!

Monday 06/05 – Richard discovered frayed main halyard… Mark attached harness and up the mast he went.  Yes, it was serious – he cut it and rejoined it, however this was not to last and our main halyard snapped – now no Main!

We were heading to Isle de Salut (Devils Island), best known from the Novel and Movie Papillon.  However, we decided that due to wind shifts, our diesel diminishing and the broken Main Halyard, coupled with the Broken Window that it was best if we make a change of plan and head straight for Tobago – things need fixing.

Tuesday 07/05 – Found Screecher halyard was also fraying – immediately changed it and using Spinnaker Halyard.

Thursday 09/05 – Clocks back another hour.

Sunday 12/05 we arrive in Tobago... Our first Bluewater Crossing complete!

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