Sunday 19 May 2013

Our Rose Blessing...

Finally the time was right to “Bless” Our Rose.  It is our second to last night (Tues 26th March at 18.30 at Mykenos in South Africa), before leaving on our passage.

We had asked our Darling Friend Chris from New Zealand to write some words for us, which we added/changed.  We had a bottle of our favourite champagne and with Hannah Robinson in our minds and hearts, we share our blessing with you.

TANGAROA, God of the Sea, We ask your blessing upon this gift to us, Our Rose.

We give thanks for her, for her beauty and for the joy she will bring to all who sail with her

Protect her, as she sails forth from here in to excitement, adventure and the unknown.

Watch over those who will be cradled in her arms, surround them with your protection and safe guard them on their journeys.


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