Tuesday 12 November 2013


We had a lovely sail from Canouan Island to Bequia.
This gentleman comes every morning offering fresh bread, fruit and vegetables

Bequia is a small island, measuring 7 square miles, with a population of around 4300.  The native population are primarily a mixture of people of African, Scottish and Carib Indian descent.

Traditional sailing boats are still made here with hand-tools

 When we were in Mayreau, we met Michael and Rebecca from Miami.  They had charted a yacht for 2 weeks.  We had lots of laughs and wine with them at Canouan Island, then Bequia.  
The weather forecast  for the day their yacht was due back at St Vincent was for 25 - 30 knots, so we offered to go along with them.  We had a great sail over, with a double reefed main and reefed jib.  The breaking swells were 3 metres or so. 

 We had a great squall come through, which flattened the top of the swells.  We got drenched!

Richard and I then caught the ferry back from St Vincent.  Unfortunately St Vincent is not a place that cruisers tend to go anymore due to the violence there, which is associated to the drug trade.
This is a view from the ferry as we are leaving.

Yesterday we went on an island tour with Mark and Tina (S/V Rainbow).
This photo is of the whaling station.  Bequia is one of the few places in the world where whaling is still allowed.  Natives of Bequia are allowed to catch up to 4 humpback whales a year using only traditional methods of hand-thrown harpoons in small open sailboats.  The limit is rarely met. (thankfully).
Unfortunately, they have not realised that money can be made from whale watching, rather than whale killing.  The cost to set up whale watching is prohibitive for the locals.  
This is a photo of the whaling station

Local fishing is a tradition also, this is the local boats at the fish processing area.

The view is looking down over Port Elizabeth.
Our Rose is anchored further to the right and not in the picture.

 We stopped at a lovely spot for lunch.  
In the restaurant the chandeliers and mirror were made from driftwood and shells

We also went to a turtle sanctuary.  These turtles are 4 or so weeks old.

They are kept until 5 years old, when they are returned to the wild.

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