Friday 22 November 2013

Hello Saint Lucia... Bonjour Martinique

A lovely sail from Bequia to St Lucia.  
We were greeted with the Pitons - two volcanic plugs in a World Heritage Site by the town of Soufriere, where we cleared customs and immigration.  

The next day we motored up the coast to Marigot.  A very cute and compact harbour.  
We had to take a mooring - it is the first time our trusty Rocna couldn't get a hold.

This sunken yacht was in the harbour at Marigot. 
You wonder why somebody would leave their boat to the elements???

Next day we dropped mooring and headed to Rodney Bay, (where we anchored).  
When the locals move around, they seem to always do it standing up!

We went for a lovely walk on Pigeon Island -  a historic site, with numerous forts, 
such as an 18th century British fort and Fort Rodney, 
both used by the British to spy on French Ships from neighbouring Martinique.

Rodney Bay is a quite large marina/harbour, set up for charter boats.  
The marina is in a lagoon area inside the harbour.
There are some impressive residences on the way into the dinghy dock 
(there is a swimming pool between the house and the water).

Just before dropping anchor, we had this guy come by.  His boat is two story.  
The bottom level is his fruit and vegetables and the top story plants for sale.

We left Saint Lucia and headed to Martinique.
This is the approach into Marin, where we cleared Customs and Immigration

Wow - what a difference in "everything"...

French speaking, Great Cheese, Great and Cheap Wine.
Wonderful food and restaurants - good internet...

One of the issues we have been working on resolving on Our Rose is our power consumption - especially at night.  Our fridges and freezers draw far too much.  
We had been recommended a Refrigeration expert in Marin.  
He required us to be aside the marina, so here we were again on a marina.  

We are thrilled that Frederic was able to reduce our power draw on these appliances by nearly 1/2.

The future will add more solar and wind generation, however in the meantime, 
this has certainly helped.

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