Saturday 1 March 2014

Dominican Republic - Big Day Out...

We went on a wonderful journey with a guy we met "Chocolate", 
to his home Sanchez "fishing village", 
then on to Los Haiteses National Park - what a fantastic day!
On the way to Chocolates Village - this guy is carrying his wheelbarrow & tools on his bike

Chocolates Mums home - She gave us the most wonderful hug and welcomed us to her home.

Chocolate and Brett with Local Fisherman that just returned with his catch

Repairing of the nets
 Everyone in the village is involved in the Fishing - the children help take the fish out of the nets - others repair nets etc etc

The four of us along "Toronto", Chocolates Brother.

 For two weeks at a time, the local fishermen go to this "remote" fishing camp, sleeping in tents, when not out on their boats, cooking on the open fire (this dish is rice and fish).

We explored the caves, with carvings that are purported to be thousands of years old

The Mangroves are Huge!

 On the way back, there were we were getting a little low on "liquid refreshments"

We were also getting very low on fuel - so Chocolate got on the Phone and rang his friend Angie, who came to the rescue with more...

A local fishman throwing his net
We saw such beautiful birds on our trip...

Pelicans on wharf at Sanchez Village

Baby Pelicans
 When we arrived back to Sanchez village, the children ran out to meet us...

Chocolates Mum had made us a late lunch - Chicken, Fish, Beans & Rice, Salad - it was delicious. 

Chocolate with his Mum and Niece
A lot of the local villagers came to say Hi and as always, they were playing their favourite game - Dominoes.  Brett joined in for the challenge also...

The day was not yet over - we were back in Tonys Car and headed off 
with Brett & Toronto in the boot...

They took us to one of their favourite local bars and tried to give Teresa and I Merengue lessons...

Angie - Chocolates friend who came to the rescue came to the bar with us
 These guys were sitting across the road watching the goings on (also being a bit quieter from the music)  Richard took them over a beer...

A the end of the day/evening, Chocolate, Toronto, Angie & Tony 
all came back to Our Rose and Seismic Wave for a couple more drinks.

We are very grateful to them all for a wonderful day!
Chocolate and Tony

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