Saturday 1 March 2014

Dominican Republic...

We left Puerto Rico for an overnight sail to Dominican Republic.  
We had heard a lot about the "Mona Passage", which can get pretty rough... 
however, we ended up (just) sailing most of the night, then motor-sailing the last 40 miles.  

We were joined by these beautiful dolphins for a while

Richard caught a lovely Black Fin Tuna, 
(which we had the next night - Sashimi'd and seared on the BBQ)

On arrival in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic,
we were greeted with Humpback Whales - from January to March each year, the Humpbacks return to this area to Calf and Mate.  We feel so very blessed to have experienced these beautiful creatures...

We decided to go to "Puerto Bahia Marina"
which is a small luxury hotel of the world.  
What a fantastic place - we had use of all the facilities - pure luxury!

Looking out from the Breakfast Restaurant - this is an Infinity pool to the left also. 

These Swimming Pools are Layered down the slope.

Outside area of Cafe Del Mar Restaurant and Bar.
There is also a Infinity Pool in front of the Loungers overlooking the Ocean

Each day the local fishermen head off in their little boats.  
At the end of the day, the one with the motor tows back the others - this picture is taken looking over the infinity pool in front of Cafe Del Mar

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