Saturday 31 May 2014

Ft Lauderdale...

Shane and I had been childhood friends
(Mum and Dad and Shane's Grandparents/Parents were very close friends).

I remember Mum telling me that Shane was living in New York, 
so I decided to see if I could find him, since we would be heading there soon.

The power of the internet is amazing - within two days I had not only found him, but had received a return email from him - he was here in Florida.

So, him and his partner Joey came down to see us - it was so wonderful to see Shane again.

Our first catchup in 25 years

It was time to fuel up, getting prepared to leave.
The fuel barge came to us at the marina - just fantastic
He positioned himself as close as possible to Our Rose, then passed the fuel hoses over…

After a month, it was now time to leave.
All the work was complete on Our Rose.
Multitech Marine Services have done a wonderful job - we would definately recommend them.
Our faulty inverter had been replaced by Victron (sent from Holland)

It was now time to say "See You" to Ashley, Graeme and Jack

They came out and waved us goodbye as we headed through the 17th Street Bridge to Sea

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