Saturday 20 December 2014

Angel in Disguise...

Leaving Sarah Creek it was -1C…
A beautiful clear day of motor sailing to Hampton River.

It was time to wait for a weather window to get around Cape Hatteras.
It was very wet and windy, however we patiently waited.

Finally we had a weather window.  The afternoon before leaving we went ashore, and unfortunately I had a fall on the dock.  Richard helped me into the dinghy and back home to Our Rose.  The next morning getting up early to leave, I couldn’t put any weight on my left leg (knee) (oh no…)
Richard helped “lift” me up to the helm seat for my watches.  We had a lovely 25+ knot following breeze leaving, which slowly dissipated during the day.
Cape Hatteras, (which can be notoriously rough) was beautiful and calm for our night rounding.

Arriving at Beaufort Saturday afternoon,
we immediately went ashore and straight to A & E.
X-Rays showed no breaks, however I needed to see an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Sunday, sitting with my leg up, and we saw a lady and her beautiful doggie come paddling to Our Rose.

Turning out to be an “Angel” in disguise, this was when we first met Susan and “Kiwi”.  She had seen our NZ flag, and “had” to come and see us.
Susan insisted on taking us to the Surgeon when we got the appointment, then onto the MRI.  Driving us to get our propane filled.
Two days later, Susan collected us again to go back to the Surgeon – the great news was no serious damage to the knee.  I could slowly start using the knee and get rid of the crutches as soon as I could.

Susan even came and collected me and took me get get my hair done.
She was nothing short of an Angel and a wonderful friend to boot.

On a foggy night it was the Christmas Lighted Boat Flotilla,

Many boats with amazing Christmas lights and coupled to music...

This is Santa with his Dolphin Reindeer
 From Beaufort, we had a great weather window of sailing down to Fort Pierce, 500 (or so) nm.  This was our last stop in the USA before leaving for the Bahamas.

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