Saturday 20 December 2014

Musings on America...

I think the thing that has been the most mind blowing, has been the hospitality that we have received.

From people we knew – Ashley & Graham, Michael & Rebecca, David & Diana and Beryl

To complete strangers (some of who became friends) – a stranger who offered for us to use her car in Maine, another stranger who drove us to a Supermarket in Maine, Martha & Warren from Rockford who took us to their home for a meal, The Lobster Buyer in Martinicus who “gave” us lobsters, Anne West, who drove us around Washington DC, Steve & Wendy from Annapolis who had us to their home for dinner at Halloween, Karl Weiss who helped us with contacts, Anna Hines who we enjoyed NZ wines with, Susan our Angel in Disguise from Beaufort and finally Peter & Carla, the not so mythical cousins…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to each and everyone of you
for your extraordinary hospitality…

The scenery has been amazing.  Having now experienced from Miami to Penobscot Bay (north Maine) some highlights were:

Maine – Islands of Matinicus & Butter, amazing cruising grounds, albeit with an excessive amount of lobster pots!

The Thimbles – granite rock appearing from the ocean

New York – the city that never sleeps

Charleston – the civil war feeling

Annapolis – the amazing boat show

Chesapeake/Shenandoah – the fall colors – extraordinary

Boston – North End, what a wonderful “Little Italy”

In General we noted there was little wind north of New York and we ended up motoring a lot more than we anticipated.

We found the people (in general terms) are VERY passionate about three things in particular 
– Politics, Relgion and Guns!

There are a “lot” of different accents, from South to North, 
a lot of Americans found it hard to understand our accent!

Thank You USA for a wonderful time!

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