Wednesday 29 July 2015

Arriving at Nana Juana and Jens Birthday...

We had a wonderful welcoming party at the jetty on our arrival at Nana Juana 
(the marina we would now be at until November)…

Teresa and Belinda were there waving madly, then breaking into the "Haka"...
Brett was also there to greet us also with some other cruisers we had met along the way.

Teresa (Seismic Wave) had organised with Belinda (Free Spirit) and Sue (Sea Rose)
a "welcome dinner" for us…

What an awesome welcome!

The next morning we woke to my 50th birthday

We started the day with Veuve, and the most amazing breakfast cooked by my wonderful husband
 and present opening…

Lynnette and Dean gave me the most beautiful "Greenstone" necklace

Chris and Michael had sent gifts for my birthday with Lynnette and Dean…
(a few tears spilled when receiving some pressed silver ferns from home 
and reading Chris and Michaels messages)…

Teresa came over and gave me gifts from her and Brett…
Something, sweet (Kahlua Chocolates), sexy (Sarong), savoury  (Chutney)
and soothing (Muscle Rub).

Belinda and Ken gave me a bottle of bubbly (YUM)…

April had hand made me some beautiful shell earrings as a gift from her and Kane

We were collected at 3pm by "Launcha" and headed out for drinks and early dinner at Kangaroos…
(Lynnette and Dean, Teresa and Brett, Belinda and Ken, Sue and Brian, Bill
and our new friend Shannon),
before the evening of surprises which had been organised by Teresa and Belinda began…
(known as explained by Teresa as "Australasias Best Party Planners")

After a delightful dinner and drinks, we headed by to Nana Juana.  The Palapa had been decorated in our absence and there was a crowd of people awaiting us…

Teresa and Belinda had organised the most amazing evening.  
Two little girls danced a special performance they had put together for my birthday…

Teresa gave a really lovely speech to me…

and Teresa and Belinda did the most "awesome" haka to me…

Teresa had organised a Piñata…

The Children had lots of fun helping me unwrap the presents from the Piñata and shared the sweeties…

My birthday cake was amazing...

I asked the Children to help me blow out the candles…

Belinda had written and sang me the most amazing song…

Belindas song for me:  

"The Lady Is A Tramp"

We might be hungry, but never come late,
Jennifers cooking is well worth the wait,
We'll totter home in a terrible state,
That's why the lady is a Tramp.

She likes five hundred - with boys against girls,
She goes out dancing, and oh how she twirls,
She gets a kick when the screecher unfurls,
That's why the lady is a Tramp.

She likes the free fresh wind in her hair
Life without care, ain't broke, it's OK
Steers clear of Auckland, it's cold and it's damp,
That's why the lady is a Tramp.

She's sailed to Cuba, had Lobsters in Maine
Cocktails in Cancun, and too much champagne,
Gets up next morning and does it again
That's why the Lady is a Tramp.

Today she's fifty and still looks divine,
Almost a grown up, and doing just fine,
Things age much better when pickled in wine
That's why the lady is a Tramp

She likes a good strong breeze in her sails
It never fails, Our Rose - just goes!
Richard is there when she lowers her lamp
That's why the lady
That's why the lady
That's why the lady is a Tramp

Happy 50th Birthday Jennifer!!!

Other Cruisers had also offered to Teresa to bring their instruments 
and play for the evening - just amazing!

Our course Dean and I were pretty active playing "Air Guitars"…

It was the most amazing night.  
I can't thank Teresa and Belinda enough for being such wonderful friends 
and organising so much for me!

The following photos are more photos of the evening…

Doesn't Bill look different with hair!..

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