Sunday 26 June 2016

Wonderful People...

Our friends Wendy and Ian from Outsider had let us know that if the weather was right
that we would not regret stopping at Maupiti and Mopelia...
The entrance to Maupiti was nerve racking, with a pass in the reef, where the current ran fast
and a dog-leg entrance, Richard helmed and I did the throttles, maintaining enough power so that we didn't lose steerage of Our Rose.  It was beautiful there.

After a couple of days, we then did a overnight sail to Mopelia
This pass was extremely narrow - only 40ft wide between the reefs
with a outgoing current that was fast!
These passes made the passes in the Tuamotos feel very tame!

Mopelia has only 20 people living there.
The family that we spent all our time with, were people introduced by Wendy & Ian.
They were the most wonderful people.
On our first day, we were invited to dinner with the family
Crayfish, Marinated Fish, Fish Kebabs, Coconut Crab, Rice, Salads - amazing

We had only planned to be there for 4 days, however this turned into two weeks
as the weather was not conducive for us to leave.

What an amazing two weeks we had!
On arrival day, we were given these beautiful necklaces

During our time there, Richard got up at 4am and went fishing with Hio (son)
Hio's uncle caught a huge Wahoo, which was then shared with the 6 cruising boats,
we smoked our piece (the photo is of the smoked wahoo on a "dinner plate"!)
It was a big fish!

Richard also went crayfishing with Hio
This entailed going at night to the reef, and the crayfish "walk" over the reef and you pick them up
Easier said then done - Richard "saw" one, Hio got a sackful

We also met and spent time with Francesco and Felicia (cruisers)
Francesco is from Italy.
One night, Francesco decided to make homemade pasta for us all - delicious!

Our contribution to all this wonderful food was cakes and desserts - that was what was requested, so I baked often.

I even made them sausage rolls - a kiwi favourite!

Hio also gave us a huge tray of sea bird eggs, so of course I had to make them a Bacon and Egg Pie

Hio tagged a turtle, and we were there for the day of release to freedom


The location is absolutely gorgeous... what a place to be "stuck"...

Francesco has gone "coconut crabbing" with some locals, 
and he had caught some fish, so we had a bbq

As we had the weather window to leave Mopelia, 
it was a sad day saying goodbye...

We were again presented with these amazing necklaces and earrings from the family...

We had 1140 nm to get to Tonga... due to our delay with the weather, we needed to get to Tonga for Hils and Doug who are arriving on 29th... just under 8 days and we arrived,
however along the way, fishing was good...
catching this Tuna on homemade toothpaste lure 
(thank you Ian - Outsider for showing us toothpaste lures)

the other excitement was hooking a Marlin on a toothpaste lure also, 
by the time I had run in to get the camera, it was off...

So then it was hello Vava'u Tonga

We went yesterday to a "Tongan Feast" - what a gorgeous spot

with delicious suckling pig...

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