Monday 11 March 2013

Come And Have A Look Around...

 Welcome to our home... please excuse some of the photos as we are still unpacking - however here we are...

Our Scullery and Galley .  Below the third planter box in the fold down cupboard is my dishwasher.  The picture beneath is our Saloon.  The table has three heights and folds out to a full dining table

Guest Cabin... we have put in a TV, DVD and Fusion Docking Station with Surround Sound, so you can have time out from us when you come and stay...

This is your bathroom.  It has a seperate shower, you can just see the door into it.

 This is the third Cabin, sorry about the mess, but we are still unpacking.  Underneath all the bags is a lovely seat, which is also a single bed, however it can fold out to be a double bed.  In the cupboard, which is out of the photo as the near end of the seat/bed, as shown is my washing machine.

 Forward of this, behind the closed door is my dry store area, as shown below.  Then looking back toward the Guest Cabin is our Chart Storage

This is the Nav Station 

Our Cabin, again with Fusion Surround Sound and Air Conditioning.  Four Wardrobes

Our Office - sorry about the mess, still unpacking

Our Bathroom, doesnt show the toilet, but we have one on our side too.  Note the size of the shower, it is actually a bath too.  We had our first bath on Friday after arriving back from testing the sails.  We were very wet and very cold.  We decided we would run only hot water to see when we would run out.  Well, we didn't!  We had to turn off the hot to add cold.  Behind the door at the end of the shower is our generator and behind the shower nozzle is our watermaker.  We can make over 144 litres an hour

Our Darling Friends from New Zealand, whom we miss so very much, gave us this lovely plaque just before we left.  It has pride of place in our Saloon so that we can see it every day

Thank you for coming to visit our home - please, please please come and see us soon!!!


  1. It looks so awesome guys!!! Love J and D xxx

  2. Hi Guys. Looks fantastic. As the plaque says go off search & enjoy all those dreams of travels. Will catch up during it at some stage. Maybe as you traverse the Australian coast. Love Lester & Jenn