Tuesday 26 March 2013

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

Our time here in Cape Town has given us have the opportunity to have some people come into our lives that we will always be grateful to - they have made our time here a wonderful part of our journey...

Phil Southwell - firstly, thank you for designing such a beautiful boat that we are now so fortunate to call our home... secondly, thank you for all your wonderful support, suggestions, downloads and genuine friendship - we can't wait until you join us somewhere in the world!

Paul Rackshaw - a Maverick owner who has given us so many suggestions and helped us with decisions along the way.

Francois from Raymarine - you have given us so much help in your own time - thank you

Joe & Tariq - Jo Fensham Yacht Upholstery - you have done a stunning job of our upholstery and you have made us feel like friends, not clients

Heinz - Multi Marine - you have given us so much of your time outside of business hours - you have been a true help and we hope you and your family will also come join us!

Neil - the man who can "do it all" for Maverick.  Neil, you have been the answer to making our beautiful boat the boat she is - you have helped us so far beyond what is expected of you from Maverick and we will always be grateful for your help and support - again we hope we never loose touch and see you somewhere again on our journey.

Jonathan from Ysterplaat Medical - the time you gave me was something I will always be grateful for.  My regret is that we didn't end up having time for you to come to our boat before we left Cape Town, please keep in contact and hopefully we will see you in the Caribbean.

Alan Harrington - a new Nexus owner - thank you for your suggestions, thank you for the red wine and thank you for wanting to help keep us safe on our crossing across to the Caribbean - we look forward to seeing you again - the Fruit Cake challenge is on!

Roger and Andrea - Nexus Catamarans - where do I begin - you have been so much fun, and help along our journey.  We will truly miss you both and again, look forward to seeing you when you come to see us in the Caribbean.

Claire - We met you after being in South Africa only one month and you have been a wonderful friend to us both. We know that we will all see each other again - we believe in everything you are and everything you wish to do in your life

Mark Wannenburg - our skipper - already so much time has been give to us by Mark - he is a wonderfully knowledgeable Skipper who has become a wonderful friend in such a short time.

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  1. well done both of you. Catamaran looks fantastic. Best wishes Jeff and Isabelle