Monday 16 September 2013

Look who's here...

We were travelling with Ian and Wendy (Outsider) heading to Guyana, when our main halyard broke.  When we radioed to let them know we would be diverting to Tobago, we found that they were having trouble with their auto pilot, so they diverted to Tobago also.

Ian and Wendy were great support and help with the main halyard issue, 
with Richard spending some hours up the mast.

The four of us rented a car and "tiki-toured" around Tobago.  
We went for a gorgeous walk, ending up at these beautiful waterfalls (the photo does not show that there are 2 levels of falls)

This disused waterwheel was a tourist attraction not so long ago, however the greenery is taking it back into its fold

Technology today is amazing - we have been avidly watching the Americas Cup,
(and of course the All Blacks) even in very remote bays

We were so excited when Jono called and let us know he was coming to see us.
He arrived last Thursday - it is so awesome sharing with him our new life and our beautiful new home.

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  1. Awesome guys! Nice to see a photo of Jono. Much love xx Juliet and David