Sunday 1 September 2013

Plans Made To Change...

We cleared out of Grenada - next destination Guyana.  We headed up to Union Island, which would then give us a better wind angle.  We got up at 6am and headed off.  At 11pm our Main came down in a huge rush.  The Main Halyard had broken (AGAIN!).  So, we veered off and are now at Tobago.

Richard spent a couple of hours up the mast getting the main halyard back up and also trying to work out why the halyard is getting compromised.  We have emailed the "mast" company and will now email the boat builder to try to get a resolution to this.  Our main halyard breaking twice in less than 6000 nm, when we have not been using the main often is not good!

This weekend it is Trinidad/Tobago Independence day Celebrations - 51 years of independence.  The day started with a parade of all the Forces and Clubs

 With the day finishing with a Fireworks Display

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