Wednesday 25 September 2013

Tobago (still)...

During Jonos 12 days with us we Snorkelled and Scuba Dived, Swam and we Limed.  

One morning when we came back from a little jaunt in the dinghy, we were waved over to a boat by a guy named "Porridge" - he runs Castara Retreats (

He had two guests with him, who were snorkelling, so when they were finished, we invited them aboard for a drink.  Brad and Annie were on their Honeymoon

We sailed the length of Tobago with Jono, 
seeing a pod of dolphins that stayed with us for well over an hour,

finally ending up back at Buccoo Reef, where we took him to Sunday School.
No, this is not the religious type - it starts at 9.30pm on a Sunday night.  
They have the local "Pan Band" the Bucconeers play, then the music goes to DJ from about 11pm, which continues all night - lots of dancing and rum punches!

This beautiful sunset reminded us very much of our sunsets at The Bay of Islands, 
with the island off our bay

By the way, our place is still for sale and we are very motivated to sell.

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