Thursday 15 August 2013

Carricou Regatta

From Worlds End we had a lovely downwind sail to Carricou.

We had decided to enter the Carricou Regatta - a 3 day sailing race.  First day two handed.  2nd and 3rd days you could have a full crew.  Ian and Wendys boat "Outsider" is much faster than Our Rose, so we raced on their boat, with Richard and Ian doing all the work for the 2 handed race.

For the other two days, we had Lynne and Eric ( crew with us and one day we also had Luxor, a lovely local guy.

The photo on the left shows Richard and Luxor winching as hard as they can, with Eric on the helm.

Above are some yachts we are passing at a reef near a top mark.  The photo to the right shows they wash we were leaving behind the boat, from the speed we were getting.
We ended up winning - 2 bags, 2 bottles of rum, a Gill dive watch and flags etc.  Aside from that we had an awesome time

They also had local races with local boats.  This was held on one of our "off" days.  
The boats were gorgeous.  

There are lots of stalls and rum bars everywhere!... and of course lots of loud music.  
The music is that loud that it vibrates right into the core of your body. 

There is also a DJ or 2 and lots of really large speakers. 
 There are also usually lots of these set up, so they all complete with the music.

After celebrating each race day and it being very hot, we found our beer supplies needed replenishing and Petite Martinique has well priced beer.  This is what the trays of beer were delivered to the dinghy dock in!  Lucky we have lots of bilges where things like beer and wine can be stored!

 There are some lovely shingle houses - Richard thought the one on the left would be an interesting do up?!?  The photo on the right shows how lovely they look when restored.

We then headed back to White Island, where the wedding had been held.  
Our initial plan had been to have a BBQ there, however this was when the wedding appeared.  
I used our lovely table cloth that Chris and Michael had given us 
and Richard and Ian had a beer or so while the BBQ was getting ready.

As the sun was setting, we stoked the fire back up and on dusk we headed back to the boats.
What a beautiful setting.

What do you think this piece of driftwood looks like?

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