Wednesday 14 August 2013

My Birthday...

Day after the wedding on White Island was my birthday.  Ian brought over a gift - a Koala, 2 Oh Henry Chocolate Bars and the loan of a book "Caribbean" by James Michener for me to read.

We sailed to Union Island, where we stocked up on Fruit and Vege from Colorful Stalls.  Richard bought me a lovely Hibiscus clip.

Happy Island - the Island was handmade by a guy named Janti.  It is built on the edge of a reef at Union Island.  One problem they had at Union Island was the Conch Shells that were left on the beach by the fishermen, which was quite unsightly.  (Literally thousands and thousands of them).  Jonti solved this problem by taking the conch Shells and creating his own island, and building a bar.  You can snorkel during the day, or have a drink at the bar.  You can tie your dinghy up right outside.

We then sailed to Petite Martinique.

I had skype calls and loads of messages from my friends and family.  They all meant so much to me!  Thank you all.

In the evening, Ian cooked us a Roast Lamb with all the trimmings for dinner.  He also invited Eric and Lynne from Amarula (

What an awesome day, with my wonderful husband and our lovely new friend Ian.

Next day we up-anchored and headed to "Worlds End" - a reef system at Tobago Cays.
We could not believe our luck with the weather - we were able to stay at Worlds End for a couple of days.  We did lots of snorkelling - I went for my first dive in years.  The coral was really healthy and there was a lot to look at.
This is "Outsider" and "Our Rose" anchored at Worlds End.
(We can now say "we've been to the End of the World"


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