Sunday 30 June 2013

Extra Help...

Saturday morning we helped at a program for children who require extra help with their reading, writing, math.  It is run by a lady who supports and hosts the program out of her garage, which is set up like a classroom.

The program relies on volunteers to come and assist with the children, aged from 4 to 17 or so.

 Richard was assigned two boys, who were very bright and were having extra reading.

These three were my young boys.  Aged 4 and 5.  Very eager.  Two of them I helped with spelling and numbers, the other I helped by showing him how to hold a pencil and write his name - he had lost his Mum to cancer very recently, and seemed to really enjoy female attention, ending up lying with his head in my lap.

Their attention span was only so much, so I showed them how to make paper planes and we went outside flying those to give them a little break.

After working "one on one", we all sat and Jean tested the older children on their spelling for their upcoming spelling bee.

At the end, they are given juice and cookies.

It is a great program and awesome to see children wanting to learn and improve.

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