Friday 7 June 2013

Tobago to Trinidad

After some very friendly instructions from the "Heavily Armed" Coastguard at Scarborough, we managed to anchor.  The holding was not the greatest, however our Rocna dug in nicely.  We went ashore and completed as much of the customs and immigation as we could, due to it being Sunday.

We went ashore the next morning to finalise the immigration papers, then headed to get some fresh provisions.  We were not gone long, when we looked back at Our Rose, and from the angle we were looking at her from, it appeared that she had drifted - right in front of where the Trinidad/Tobago ferry comes in.  We were to find that the ferry had in fact arrived and pushed Our Rose out of their way with the thrusters!  

She wasn't however as close as we thought and not in their direct path.  We up-anchored and headed off smartly... Beware, the holding at Scarborough is not good!  We headed up the coast, stopping at various bays.  We ended up anchoring at Mt Irvine Bay, where we stayed the night.

The next morning (14 May) was Marks Birthday, we started the day with beautiful tropical fresh fruit platter, and then a cooked brunch.  We stopped at all the bays he had remembered from past trips swimming and snorkelling, finally anchoring for the night at Charlotteville, where we had to check in with customs again.  That night, we took Mark to a restaurant, where you had the choice of two items!  

We love this sign, on an old small shed - you would be lucky if they had any internet!

The next day we up-anchored, put out the screecher and headed to Trinidad, arriving at 17.30 where we had to check in with customs again.

The rules in Trinidad and Tobago are very strict - you must plan where and when you are going and have it signed off with customs.  If you are stopped by coastguard, at any time, you must produce the document that states you are where you said you would be!  This is due to drug/gun/blackmarket issues that they have had here on the coast.

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