Monday 17 June 2013

Steel Pan

Saturday morning up very early to watch the All Blacks thrash France!  30 - 0 "Go the All Blacks!"

When we were in St Helena, we had tied onto a mooring with too much rope.  The rope had scraped a little of the anti-fouling off the bottom, so we decided that due to us being out of the water we would repair this.  Well, this turned into us sanding and re-antifouling the complete bottom again - we were both covered in "black" sanding and anti-fouling by the end of it.  Now we know why they wear the painting suits!

Last night we went to listen to Steel Pan Bands.  There were 5 of them.  The hosting band showed us their trophy room - these are just some of the trophies, certificates they have won since 1940's...

The room was full, both sides with trophies.

The steel pan bands compete each year.  The music they create is extraordinary, the energy and fun they all have is wonderful.

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