Friday 7 June 2013


Day after we arrive its Richards birthday - I can tell you that making a surprise Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache, was not such a surprise!  I made this while we were crossing from Tobago to Trinidad - the aroma alone was a huge give away!

Upon arrival we were immediately greeted with radio contact "Our Rose, Our Rose, this is Sea Rose" - Sue and Brian who had taken us sailing from Cape Town to Saldhana were here - what to do but to catch up for a drink or two (and dinner of course).

The cruisers here have a radio connect at 0800 every morning, welcoming new cruisers, asking if anyone needs advice on contractors or help in any way, offering information on "social" get togethers etc.  We have found the cruisers are a very very social bunch so far!

Sue and Brian had introduced us to Bill and Gene from catamaran "Out of the Bag"  Last weekend, Bill and Gene (Aussie and NZ'er) asked us to join them and we went to Scotland Bay for the night.  It was a wonderful break from the organising of work on Our Rose.  We had a lovely time, swimming, eating, drinking and telling lots of stories and jokes.

Out Of The Bag
Our first thing on arrival inTrinidad was to find the right contractors for our repairs.  This ended up taking over two weeks to find and co-ordinate, so on Monday 2 June we were once again hauled out of the water.  Bill and Gene kindly came and helped us also.  What a professional operation this was.  At Power Boats, Don, who is so friendly, helpful and professional asked us to be ready at 13.30.  Of course at 13.15 it started to pour with rain - Murphys Law!  However, once it stopped, Don was there with his guys ready - they have built a purpose built trailor to haul out catamarans - it has hydraulic arms that support under the bridgedeck and the slings that support the hulls are moveable, to support all different widths of catamarans.

Where we are here there are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of boats, most being stored here for the "hurricane season" and others having repairs like us.  This is a lovely sunset overlooking some of the stored yachts.

There is a guy here "Jesse James" - his business is called "Members Only" He has targeted his business to Cruisers, offering trips to the supermarkets, fresh markets, movies etc.  He also organises trips to various spots on the Island.  Two days ago we did the "Taste of Trinidad" trip.  We were collected at 0900 and arrived back at 2000.  During the course of the day we tasted over 80 different foods and met some interesting characters.

We tried cow heel soup, lovely fruits this lady is selecting for us

These trees are Cocoa Trees - the white flesh in the Yellow Pods was delicious.  Inside the white flesh was the cocoa pod/seed.  Apparently, the cocoa here "saved" the cocoa from extinction (so Jesse says).  By the way, he also says "Brian Lara" is the best cricketer in the world - this caused quite a bit of discussion with the Australians and Us on the trip!

Stairway to Heaven Man, he sold fresh watermelon, huge snails and fish - Richard just about got "wasted" chatting to him as Richard was down wind - check out the size of the "herb?!" smoke in his left hand!

Jesse James does a wonderful job and we would recommend him if you are ever in Trinidad

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