Friday 28 June 2013

Goodbye Trinidad...

Isnt it funny how some signs are a bit strange: 

If it’s a café why cant you eat or drink?

This is some of the hand signals you need to learn for your drivers licence in Trinidad

Why is a 150tonne travel lift lifting a tiny tender (looked funny)

A Beautiful Pelican - Saturday morning we headed to Immigration, then Customs – it was time to leave.  Our final land stop was “duty free”, then we finally lifted anchor and we were off...
 the first start of our journey “on our own”…

We headed to Scotland Bay, where we arrived early afternoon.  
3.00am the next morning we were up and ready to go.  Our destination Grenada.  
A lovely full moon meant that our visibility was pretty good, we headed out from the headland, we had a Easterly which meant the wind was very close to the nose.  
Richard put up the main and let out the jib – motors off, we were away! 

We had been watching other vessels moving about, 
however about an hour out there was a boat coming directly at us on our port side.  
We blasted our horn 5 times (what are your intentions), no change of course, 
we again blasted 5 times – 
we had already started up the engines and we immediately changed course drastically. 

The vessel – a pirogue – passed across our bow within feet.  Wow, it was pretty scary.  
There had been quite a bit of talk about “pirates” off the Venezuela Coast (approx 20km away).  
Well, it turned out that it was probably just a person that had gone to sleep or just simply didn’t care.

Our sail to Grenada was as close to the wind as you can get – we arrived mid afternoon.  Within a couple of minutes of dropping anchor we had a dinghy come up behind us – “hello, hello” it was Brett and Theresa from Seismic Wave to say HI, with a cold beer in hand – what a lovely welcome!

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