Friday 14 June 2013

More on Trinidad...

We had a break from the boat repairs and headed to Asa Wright - It was a former Coffee-Cocoa and Citrus Plantation, now a Nature Reserve comprising of about 2000 acres.  They have numerous bird and butterfly species, along with 4 venomous snakes and other wildlife.  It was gorgeous in this Tropical Rainforest...

The photo on the left below is a "Jack Fruit"  They are the heaviest Tree Borne Fruit in the world

 We had never seen Hummingbirds before - what energetic little birds!

After leaving Asa Wright, Jesse stopped at a property where we were treated to fresh mangoes from this mans tree - the mango trees, which are in the background were huge.  He also gave us lots of lovely limes (guess what they were for?)

We then headed to "Caroni Swamp" - an estuary system comprising of 5611 hectares of Mangrove Forest and Herbaceous Marsh.  We boarded a flat bottom boat and headed off.

This "Boa" Snake (on the right) was sleeping up a tree (thank goodness).  We were directly below this snake in the boat.

The red in the photo below are Scarlett Ibis - they are the national bird of Trinidad.  They flock to this area of the swamp in the early evening.
The sight is magnificent and the colors of the birds are extraordinary...

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