Friday 28 June 2013

Hello Grenada...

After clearing Immigration and Customs, it was time to go shopping...
the only thing on the shopping list - dive gear!

We cant believe how hard it is to find a selection of dive gear since we arrived!  
We have surfed the web, we have been to the stores,
and again, here in Grenada it is not the selection we were hoping for.  
Richard needs the dive gear NOW!

Theresa suggested we put a radio message on the morning Net, 
so we did, how lucky are we... 

We had an immediate response from some cruisers who were selling all their gear 
as they had sold their boat.  He was a dive instructor also, and had been teaching.  

We are now very happy owners of 4 BCD's, 3 complete Reg sets, 
Computers, Compasses, Fins, Masks - you name it we have it - plus lots of spares...

Mr Robinson was a very happy man!

Theresa and Brett invited us over for some sundowners, 
it was really lovely to be so welcomed.  

It was also fantastic to see "Seismic Wave"... 
we felt we already knew her from when she was "My Catlyn" 
and the photos we had followed on their blog

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