Friday 21 June 2013

Lovely Day...

We decided to alter our helmseat.  We then needed to have some extra upholstering on it, which was when we met Kay (the upholsterer).  She also made us hatch and winch covers, doing a fabulous job - we would highly recommend Kay for any canvas or upholstery work

Kay and her husband Colin very kindly asked us over to their place for lunch.  The live on an island not far from where we are moored, so on Wednesday (a public holiday here) 
Kay, Colin and Kays twin sister Kathy came and collected us from Our Rose.  

What a lovely day we had with them.  
We went to a gorgeous spot, where we anchored 
and went swimming.
We passed some lovely properties set right on the water...

After a beer in their Jacuzzi, Kay cooked us NZ Lamb for lunch - yum.
Their property is lovely - they have planted lots of fruit trees, bourganvillea, Trees etc etc.

After lunch, we played pool, drinking cognac - what a great end to a fabulous day

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - you made our Trinidad visit very special!

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